Welcome to Northumbria Probation. We can confidently say we are among the foremost rehab facilities in the UK that provide educational and also probationary services for juveniles, adults, and the elderly. We dedicate ourselves to enabling them undergo inspiring lifestyle changes in order to be productive in society.

Our work is to make the community and the world a better more humane place to live in. We utilize the technique of communal rehabilitation to change the way society view the people on the vulnerable list such as drug abusers, and disorder victims including offenders. We are a rehabilitation center aimed at improving the community wherever we are located by engaging offenders in productive activities to prevent them from re-offending. We take care of persons who are currently convicted or who have been released from prison for crimes like burglary, traffic and motor violations, burglary, and other offenses which have been evaluated to be medium or minor risk of danger.

We ensure they finish their time and fulfill all conditions given to them by the court such as community work, a behavioral course, or curfew. Here is another spice about us, we assist them to have a more stable life such as helping them get jobs, relocating them, or assisting them to stop an abuse.

Due to the nature of our job, we work in tandem with a few bodies such as the National Probation Service - which oversees persons with a very high risk of danger, the courts, prisons, social services, health organizations, and other non-governmental bodies.

Our main area of concentration is to fashion out a future that is bright and filled with possibilities for them, their families, and the communities in which they live.

Our Core Values

To enhance the quality of life for our users

  1. Reduce re-offending and the likelihood of endangering themselves and others.

  2. Promote an atmosphere of self-confidence, self-value, and self-respect.

  3. To assist those in our care to be better persons with us in the present than how they were in the past.

To enhance the quality of life of our staff

  1. Improve the level of work for our staff

  2. To innovate different techniques by which they can accomplish their duties efficiently.

  3. To seek opportunities to improve standard of living by providing better remuneration packages and benefits.

As an organization, we also try to retain the integrity of the communities we are engaged in by helping the people in our care. Donations make us able to operate. Any amount is helpful. If you would like to get involved, you can email join@northumbria-probation.co.uk. Our sponsor of the month is Gambling Genie, the best place when you want to try live casino for free. Visit this site to get mobile casino bonuses and try games.

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