We have a system in place where the offenders and users in our care give back to the community they have inadvertently affected by committing a crime, or living a life of abuse, and that is why we have projects in place which they can contribute to. Some of these include: going out to different schools to give advice about the dangers of getting into a life of crime or drug abuse, organizing social events such as a charity or a birthday party where offenders and users can socialize and integrate themselves with the society.

Nonetheless, our biggest impact is on the project work we make them do. They are allowed to use particular allocations of their time to consolidate the gains in their local communities. This enables them to affect their communities in more tangible way while helping them develop new skills and abilities in the process.

They are managed by us and painstakingly evaluated to make sure they do not pose any harm to members of the society while they carry out their civic duty or sentence as the case may be. For those who have full time jobs, they are permitted to carry out their community projects during the weekend.

Our projects include the following:

  • Street cleaning.

  • Deforestation and landscaping.

  • Painting, decorations, and interior design.

  • Improvement to public buildings and spaces like recreational parks.

  • Volunteer work for civic centers and local charitable organizations.

The projects are tailored to be of immeasurable value to the community, to be of immense benefit and satisfaction to themselves as workers, and must be done without any incentive whatsoever or promise of reward. At the end, we are fostering a sense of goodwill back into our students making them feel like the “good guys” again!

You are allowed to use the suggestion box on this website to state the project you think would be of most value to you.