In our impassioned strive to safeguard, protect, and promote the community, we work with a range of people including:


We work with offenders who have committed small and petty crimes including misdemeanors with the hope of rehabilitating them for the better. This also includes convicted persons with abdicated sentences and post prison service for those who have successfully served their time. We work with them throughout their order and probation and we ensure they come for their mandatory appointments with their supervising officer and other necessary staff including supervising agencies.

During sessions, we confront their behaviors, lifestyle, and try to advise them on the means to stop re-offending. We provide resource facilities which they are mandated to attend in their duration of time with us and this assists them alter their lifestyle for the better.

Substance Abusers

One of the ways by which we help our users is to prevent, stop, or treat the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The government's fact sheet states that crimes in connection with drugs alone cost the country an estimated 18billion. Offenders often participate in collateral crimes such as stealing and pick pocketing in order to sustain a life of substance abuse.

This can lead to an aggravated cycle which often involves the family of our users by abetting the user or concealing their crimes. We work in consort with other groups such as Lives for Change, and Drugs Say No to provide affiliate support and counseling for drug and alcohol abuse. Users with significant substance abuse problems undergo a rehabilitation program aimed at assisting them to live a life free from the clutches of drug and alcohol abuse. Users undergo sets of activities that are tailored around their schedule and this includes

  1. Appointments with rehabilitation officers

  2. Attending the 12 stage program

  3. Undergoing detoxification sessions at our center

  4. Work with care and assistance agencies to resolve issues of drug and alcohol dependency.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We render therapeutic help to people suffering from PTSD including victims of rape and sexual assault, people who live with scars of past trauma, and war veterans who have seen action and still suffer the effects of combat duty. Our services include therapy sessions administering drugs to make them able to work and socialize in the society.