Our courses in our institution are nationally accredited. They are essentially formulated to change the lifestyle that contributes to their chances of re-offending or going back to a life of abuse. Each course adheres to the National Curriculum and are made to help them:

  • Accept responsibility for their lifestyle.

  • Think critically about the type of life they would like to lead in the future.

  • Learn new vocational skills to help them get jobs to prevent them from re-offending or going back to abuse and a life of crime.

  • To mitigate the trauma they face from being victims of psychological abuse.

Our programs are taught in groups of 16 and 32, and sometimes, are given individually. Classes can last for duration of 6 months to 3 years depending on the nature and technicality of the course. Some of the courses we offer include;

Dangers of Substance Abuse

This is a class that teaches our users the consequences of substance abuse and the negative effects on their lifestyle choices. They follow a 12 stage program to prevent relapse and we help them get jobs which are within their capacity to execute so they can be meaningfully employed and can become more responsible to their self, families, and community.

Skill Acquisition

We have a comprehensive skill acquisition program in place that teaches people with little or no skills how to make themselves useful to society by giving them hands-on training on certain vocations such as carpentry, construction work, bricklaying, furniture making, farming, etc. This enables them to be equipped to go out into society to contribute their own quota. It also helps them stay away from crime and gives them the opportunity to provide for their families while improving their sense of self-worth and self-confidence.