There are different addiction problems depending on the substance abuse, duration, and society but the journey towards turning a new life and remaining clean is largely a road that is well thread by all. This path first begins with a feeling of utter emptiness, a "bottoming out", and is superseded by an iron determination to turn your life around to be clean which often leads to a painful physical and psychological adjustment to life without the substance, the establishment of a new routine to replace old ones and making the lifestyle changes which enabled you become a substance abuser in the first place. The roads may be different for all of you but the journey is the same, follow this five steps and kick addiction for good.

  1. Admit you are an Abuser

This step is usually one of the hardest for most people, but it is usually happens as a result of a tragic event, maybe an overdose that almost leads to death, or a near escape from a fatal crash. The important factor is the realization of the worthlessness of your actions and it's effect on the lives of those you love including family and kids and a need to be better not just for yourself but for them. It is a humbling experience to have but also uplifting in its own way because the only way down from here is up.

  1. Look for Support

For a lot of people making the conscious change to take action in their lives, this step is the difference between having a life of darkness and despair, and making a conscious effort to save yourself. Support comes in many ways, it could be a detoxification center for drugs, or alcoholics anonymous, or even a close friend, colleague, or loved one.

  1. Detoxification

This may mean many things for many abusers. For alcoholics, this is the conscious effort not to have any alcohol in your system and for drug abusers, this is the dis-continuation of pumping drugs through your bloodstream. This is a very hard thing to do and for most abusers who go back to a life of substance abuse, this is where they break. Detoxification can have a wide assortment of downsides such as anger issues, depression, and even health complications. It is advisable to contact a medical health professional as you go through your detoxification process.

  1. Post detoxification stress disorder

This is a period in your journey that intensifies from the third stage. It could happen in as little as one day to three months to in your journey towards normalcy and you begin to reminisce on the good times you spent with your substance. The important thing is to stay strong and keep focus because every abuser goes through this mourning period and comes out happier on the sunnier side of life.

  1. Discovering new activities

This helps you on your recovery journey by filling up the time which you may have used to abuse drugs and alcohol, and also gives you something else to focus on. It could be learning a new vocation or spending more time with your family, the good thing is you are using it as an opportunity to quit your addiction.

  1. Getting your life back

At this point in your life, when you think back on it, you realize what an amazing journey you have been through after 3 or more years without touching drugs or alcohol and the innate satisfaction that comes out you did all this through effort put in by you.


Recovery from addiction is difficult. Follow these steps and become a better person.